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The weather has been much nicer recently, bearable at least.  Which means more opportunities to burn calories.

There is a park a few blocks away from where I work with a walking track.  When the weather is bearable (to where I wouldn’t return to work all sweaty and sticky), I like to drive down to the park and walk the track.  The track is a half mile long, and at the pace I walk (roughly between 3.5 and 4 mph) I can circle it three times before I have to return to my car and cool off to return to work.  During this time I usually keep an extra pair of shoes in my car to wear so I don’t get blisters on my feet from my work shoes (I just use my Rainbow sandals, they’re super comfy).  I’ll usually wear a tank top, or some sort of undershirt under my work shirt so I can just wear that on my walk, or exchange my work shirt for a tee-shirt.

1.5 miles in around 30 minutes averages to approximately 140 calories. If I do it every day on lunch, that’s about 700 calories burned a week to add to my calories burned, and I need to burn 3500 calories a week to lose a pound a week.

I’ve been working hard at this and am excited to feel changes in my body.

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