80/20 and Livefit

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Once again, I haven’t been a very good blogger lately! I will try to be better at this.

I’m sure some paleo people out there may have heard of the 80/20 principle. If you haven’t, you can read the article on Mark’s Daily Apple here.

This is what I would describe my diet as. I stick to mostly paleo, but there will be some foods from time to time that aren’t 100% paleo, and may be processed a little. Also, after a hard workout I like to try to eat protein as soon as I can, and sometimes it’s easier to grab a protein drink than to wait until I get all the way home and cook something (I get hungry!). And while I try to drink my coffee with coconut milk and stevia, every once in a while I’ll use the non-dairy creamer and splenda, or I’ll order a soy chai latte at Starbucks. Which is not too often, I don’t drink that much coffee anymore. I still keep away from gluten and dairy still since my body seems to operate better without them. And every once in a while when my friends want to go out, I’ll order a glass of wine or a vodka tonic.
But it’s not that often, and I may be a little more 90/10 than 80/20 for most of the week.

As far as training goes, I am on the last week of phase 2 of the Jamie Eason Livefit Trainer. I have loved it so far and have definitely seen improvements in my strength. It was nice the other day to increase my alternate bicep curls from 15lb dumbbells to 17.5lb dumbbells! I can see the difference in my arms when I flex.. my bicep is a little more cut and I actually have a little bit of tricep definition!

One thing that has been a little difficult for me during phase 2 is the “bulking.” I did my research before committing to the trainer, and I saw a few blogs that reviewed the program and said that phase 2 seemed to be a bulking stage for them, and that their clothes fit a little tighter and they looked bigger, and it was difficult, but they stuck with it.. and by phase 3 – the “cutting” phase – they seemed to shred all that fat, and it was worth it.

So I mentally prepared myself for this possibly happening to me.  I voiced my concerns to my boyfriend and said that no matter what, I would stick with it.

I did seem to gain a little more during phase 2.  And although I had prepared myself for it, it was still difficult.  I got a little frustrated, thinking that I was making gains in strength and doing so much work, but I just looked bigger.  And as a person who was a former anorexic/bulimic/overeater that struggled with body image my whole life, it was tempting at times to do extra exercises, or restrict my food intake.

But I kept reminding myself that others had been where I was, and they stuck with it and saw results. So I didn’t give in to any of the negative voices.

And I felt proud of myself for sticking with the program and making it this far, and making the gains that I have. Just look at the difference in my bicep!


Believe it or not, I was flexing in the top photo!

I’ve loved the exercises and the way the program is set up. Next week I will be starting phase 3. I am excited, and maybe a little nervous after seeing the exercises that I will be doing! But I will keep at it!

<3 Jordan

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