An Unwelcome Break

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I survived my second week of phase 3 of Livefit, and enjoyed every minute of it.  I saw that my strength and endurance had increased, and I loved the sprints.  I felt changes in myself, and I thrived on the hard work that I was putting in.  The first week of carb-cycling was a little tough at some points, but I stuck to it and said “no” to that little carb demon on my shoulder!

Sadly, this all had to come to a halt this past weekend.

On Friday, I had a pretty annoying abdominal pain, in my belly-button.  I ignored it and continued on with my workout on Friday night.  But the pain didn’t leave, and in the middle of the night it got worse and I couldn’t move or it would hurt.  I wanted to ignore it and do my workout on Saturday, but my boyfriend talked me into taking the day off, since it seemed that perhaps exercise was what aggravated it.  I’ve had the problem a few times in the past, and most of the time it was after or during a workout.  I had mentioned it to my doctor last year and at the time he didn’t think much of it.

It hurt pretty much all weekend, and finally started to subside yesterday. But my workouts were put on hold.

Call me obsessed, but I was pretty upset about having to miss my workouts, and after finding out that it could possibly be a hernia and that exercising may aggravate it, I promised that I would put any strenuous exercise on hold until I had a doctor check it out.  I was not happy.

I know I can pick it right back up when I get an okay from the doctor, but I was irked because this is the first time that I have stuck with a program for this long and not had any hiccups or desire to quit.  I was committed to sticking with the schedule of the program and finishing it, and I still am.  To have to put it on hold when I’ve been so dedicated and done so much hard work and only had 2 weeks left made me feel a bit frustrated.

I went to the doctor today, and will have a cat scan sometime this week, and will hopefully soon have a plan for when I can take care of this and get back in the game.

But just because I have to take a break from Livefit doesn’t mean I have to let myself go, or cave into old ways.  I will still watch my diet and stay within my calorie count.  I can still do some walking or biking (even though I really would like to do sprints!). I’m not taking this opportunity to be lazy and eat whatever I want, like I had always done in the past.  I worked too hard to get where I am, and I am not about to let all my hard work go to waste.

I got this.

<3 Jordan

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