Keto Cinnamon Roll Collagen Shake from above
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Keto Cinnamon Roll Collagen Shake


This Keto-friendly, paleo Cinnamon Roll Collagen Shake is a delicious, low-carb milkshake that you will want to gulp down! This protein shake is sweetened with KetoseSweet for a delicious, natural, sweetness that will satisfy your sweet-tooth without sacrificing your carb-intake! This recipe is entered into the Beverage Category contest with […]

Homemade Peach Mint Kombucha
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Peach Mint Kombucha


Hello everyone! It’s good to be back! Thank you for bearing with me throughout my absence, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas pretty badly, and the entire Texas Army National Guard was called upon for state active duty. I worked out of Austin with mission command.  This hurricane season has been pretty […]

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Blueberry-Orange-Vanilla Kefir Smoothie, and How to make your own Kefir


Did you know it’s super easy to make your own homemade kefir? Kefir is a powerful probiotic full of nutrients. Use it in this Blueberry-Orange-Vanilla Kefir Smoothie! Watch the How-to Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlpnjAm0aGo&t=29s I have been drinking kefir a lot more these days to help my digestion.  The probiotics in kefir […]