Dirty Girl!

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I mentioned that I would be doing Dirty Girl mud run with coworkers on December 1st.  I was pretty excited for this, since it was my first mud run!

Our team before the run
Our team before the run

This was a lot of fun! There were tons of people there. And we got plenty muddy!

dirty 043


dirty 063


This wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be, and I couldn’t believe that we had done a full 5K by the time we were done! We were just having too much fun doing the obstacles to feel tired! I did feel exhausted afterwards and took a good long nap, after a good long shower of course!

This wasn’t a timed 5K or anything, it was basically just a lot of fun! And good practice for Run For Your Lives, which I will be doing this Saturday! I’m a little nervous for this one, since it will be a bit tougher.  We ran as a group for Dirty Girl and at a nice steady pace, when we did run.  But I will be running from zombies that will be grabbing for my flags this Saturday, so I will have to run a bit faster! I’m looking forward to this!

My running has been going well still, and I’ll log an average of 1-3 miles every day, and a bit more when I feel I can do it.  My breathing is great and it seems I have little to no problems with cardio during a run.  The only thing that keeps me from going further is the pain in my leg muscles.  But I can feel my legs getting stronger, so I should be able to run for longer soon!  I’ve also been taking the hilly trail recently, so there is a bit more incline in my run.  Those hills can be killer!  But I’m hoping this will help me run faster.

Have a great week! Thanks for stopping by!

<3 Jordan

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