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I’ve also been slacking on my “Fat-2-Fit” updates.

This year has truly been my year of fitness and health so far.  As far as paleo goes, I have been doing well and am enjoying it so far.  I don’t know if it’s the lack of gluten or sugar, but my energy levels have greatly improved, and my skin even seems to be clearing up a bit.  I have to work a little on my snacking, I seem to snack a lot on nuts and fruits, which contain more calories and sugar. I think I need to concentrate more on eating protein and veggies if I want to see better results.

As far as fitness goes, I have been doing really well at working out as much as I wanted to.  I changed my gym routine to focusing on specific muscle groups each day, since I am trying to bulk a bit. My routine for now is as follows:

Monday – Chest & Triceps & Abs, Run
Tuesdays – Legs, 45 minutes of cardio (either on the eliptical or at kickboxing)
Wednesdays – Shoulders & Abs, Run
Thursdays – Biceps & Back, 45 minutes of cardio
Fridays – Rest Day
Saturdays – Mainly my long-run day, and I’ll do a full-body routine with 1 exercise per muscle group.
Sundays – Rest Day

It took some research to come up with a good routine and figure out what days to work what muscle group. is a great website with a lot of helpful tools.  They list exercises for each muscle, have workout plans you can follow, and the forums are really great!

My boyfriend and I have been slacking on taking progress pictures, but will start up again this weekend.  I’m not quite ready to post the pictures we’ve taken so far, but I will soon.

Also, We both now have heart-rate-monitors!

I have the Polar FT-4. II like this one better than my former Mio watch. This one uses a chest strap so it’s more accurate since it constantly monitors my heart rate, as opposed to my old watch that I had to stop and place my thumb on whenever I could.  I love it, and it’s great to know how many calories I burn doing certain exercises!

I do still go to kickboxing, but it depends on how I feel.  I skipped a couple of weeks when I started this new routine because I didn’t want to overwork myself, and after having a hard leg workout at the gym on Tuesday I didn’t know if I’d be up for the high amount of lunges and squats we do in class.  Also, the instructor usually likes to make us do quite a lot of push-ups, and after working out my chest on Mondays I’m a little shaky doing push-ups on Tuesday nights. If I do go, I’ll usually skip cardio Tuesdays and Thursdays at the gym since we do plenty of cardio there.

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  1. Hi! I seem to be following right in your footsteps! I’ve recently become a member on and my first heart rate monitor is the Mio! I’m intrigued to follow you more! I just started my own health/wellness blog, “If not for the skinny jeans,” and I’d love for you to check it out! I’ll warn you though, it’s still in the beginning stages. 🙂

    • Awesome, good job! I still feel like I’m in the beginning stages some days. I haven’t been trying to build for very long. Which Mio did you get? Does yours have a chest strap or finger sensor? I got the one that was on groupon a while back that has a finger sensor and I liked it for a little while, but it was hard sometimes when I was super sweaty for it to read my heart rate. I prefer the chest strap because it constantly monitors, a lot easier when I’m running.

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