Favorite Swimming Gear and Products

If you are a swimmer or learning to swim, you know the importance of having good gear. This is some of my favorite swimming products I have used.

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I realized that I haven’t shared some of my favorites in a while, so I thought today I would share some of my favorite products for swimming that help me to get those extra meters in the pool. I am swimming more and more meters in the pool with each swim, and having good gear is becoming something that is essential to a comfortable swim. These are all of the products that I won’t leave the house without when I am heading to the pool.

Tyr Swimming Bag

I have had this bag since I first started swimming and it has served me well. The mesh makes it so I don’t have to worry much about putting gear that is still wet in the bag. It has a front pocket that’s great for things like goggles, swim-caps, ear-plugs and any other smaller gear, and a side pocket for my water bottle. The main compartment is large enough to fit my kick-board, paddles, towel, extra clothes, shower gear, and snorkel, with more room to spare if I ever wanted to get flippers or additional gear.

Synergy Hand Paddles

These paddles are great for drills. They are great for increasing your arm strength and pulls in the water. If you are looking at increasing your arm strength or speed these are a great aid to help train those muscles.


This is the kick-board that I use and it has served me well the past 2 years I have had it. Great for doing kicking drills!

Remedy Soap

I use this soap in the shower after my swim and it is great at getting rid of the chlorine smell from my skin. It also helps keep my skin from itching. I love the smell of it!

Swimsuit Cover-up

I love this cover-up! I bought a few of these to wear over my swimsuit to the pool which makes things a bit simpler. Easy on, easy off. It is comfortable, protects against the sun if you wear it outside, and cute!

Microfiber Towel

I can not say how much I LOVE this towel. This little towel is super absorbent. I only bought a small and I was a little worried the first time I brought it to the pool, but it is a pretty powerful little towel. I was able to dry my whole body with it just fine. I did also buy a medium as well. I don’t even need to bring another towel or chamois with me, this little towel works great! I am showering and removing my swimsuit after my swims though, so if you are keeping your swimsuit on you may want to bring something extra. AND it takes up much less space than a regular towel.

Arena Cobra Ultra Swipe Anti-Fog Goggles

Before using these goggles, I was using the Speedo Vanquishers, which were cheaper and recommended by quite a few people. Unfortunately for me, they weren’t the best. I found that they became foggy very easily no matter what remedies I used, and they started leaking on me. I did some more research and saw the Arena Cobra Ultra Swipe were also highly recommended, so I asked for a pair for Christmas. So far, they have been amazing for me. No fogging or leaking!

Form Goggles

I recently upgraded to the Form Goggles, which are a pretty nifty piece of technology! They have a HUD in the right eye which shows you your swimming metrics such as time, distance, calories, etc. They took some getting used to but now I love them and find them super helpful in keeping track of my distance so I don’t have to count laps or look down at my watch. I will do a more in-depth review of them later, but so far I find them very useful and accurate.

Apple Watch

Before I was tracking my swims with my Form Goggles, I was using the Apple Watch. In fact, the main reason I switched from Android to Apple was for the Apple watch, which is pretty great as tracking your swims. I have found it to be fairly accurate and it even tracks when I am doing kickboard drills. I senses which strokes I am doing and when I am resting. I have compared the stats from my Form goggles for swims and both of them have almost identical calculations of my strokes, swim time, rest time and distance. I have been using it to track my swims for two years and it has done a great job.

Swimming Ear-Plugs

I have to swim with ear plugs in. With all of my inner ear and balance issues, I don’t want to risk any water getting lodged into my ear canals. So I have tried multiple kinds of ear-plugs from various brands. I found these to be the best for me. Others either wouldn’t stay put, were uncomfortable, or didn’t do a great job at keeping water out. These are the most effective and by far the most comfortable that I have tried. I bought the pack with sizes 1, 2 and 3 so I could find what size works best for me, and size 2 is my jam. These are a life-saver!

Are there any products or swimming gear that you just can’t go to the pool without?

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