February CatLadyBox Unboxing

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So, I did it.  I finally subscribed to CatLadyBox!

I had seen the targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram, signed up for the emails, and would always think “man, I really need to sign up, this is the perfect subscription box for me!”  And it truly is!

This post is not sponsored by CatLadyBox, this was something I thought would be fun to share!

CatLadyBox is a monthly subscription box fr crazy cat ladies.  Go figure.  What I love about it is the fact that they have two options, and you can include your little furballs!  The first option, the “CatLadyBox,” will send you 3-4 cat related items for yourself (i.e. jewelry, clothing, decorative items, etc).  This option is $34.99 a month.
Then there’s the second option, the “CrazyCatLadyBox,” which will include the items for yourself, and also a couple of toys for your cats as well.  This option is $39.99 a month.  Of course, I went with the CrazyCatLadyBox, because I can’t leave these guys out!

I also love that you have the option to skip a month if you want to, you just have to make sure you skip it before the next billing cycle goes through.

I had so much fun opening this box, and so did Wallowitz…as you will see in the video!  He loved the items they included for him, and so did Ludo and Daisy!  I like the items I received and look forward to future boxes.

Watch the video below to see the full unboxing, and Wally playing!

Can’t view the video? Watch it here.

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