First 5K…Check!

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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! How did everyone fare on overeating? I did well Thanksgiving day, but the rest of the weekend was a different story…

I did, however, finish my first timed 5K! I registered and ran the 5K Wingding in the Tampa Bay Times Turkey Trot!

I was really excited for this, since it was going to be my first ever 5K.  So my mom and I woke up and left the house around 5:30am on Thursday morning to get to the school by 6:00am so I could get my tee shirt and bib at registration.  It was pretty chilly outside that morning.  I had eaten a banana and a fiber one brownie and drank a Vitamin Water before getting to the school, since I don’t run well unless I’ve had some fuel and drank a lot of water.

Got my tee shirt and bib and ready to go!

There was so many people running this! It was quite crowded at the starting line, and I was very anxious to get started! I started towards the back since my time isn’t the greatest.  Once the race started, I started my music and passed quite a few people until I was at a comfortable, steady pace.

My pace was slightly quicker than I had been the days before. It was fun running among a bunch of others.  There were a lot of people that sat out in front of their houses watching an cheering us on, and some that had a band playing music.

(Of course I didn’t get the greatest pictures with my phone while running)

By the time I got to 2.5 miles I was slightly tired, but the crowd and all the runners around me helped me push myself, and I could see the school in the distance and knew I didn’t have much longer.

I finished it at 31:02.  Slightly better than my prior 5K times!

All in all, it was a load of fun and I’d definitely do it again!

The rest of the weekend didn’t go very well as far as eating, but I did follow through with the RWRunStreak and still am!

On another note, this Saturday will be the Dirty Girl Mud Run that I will participating in with my coworkers/coworkers’ wives.  There will be ten of us girls participating. I’m looking forward to this, it should be fun for my first mud run!

Also, usually around this time of the year, when it gets colder, I get sick and very runny/stuffy/allergies go crazy/sore throat..etc. I was pretty “runny” the first time I ran out in the cold, but I haven’t gotten sick and the cold weather doesn’t make my sinuses feel as bad as they normally do.  I’m thinking that running in the cold more often has gotten my body used to it and my immune system is a little stronger.  Along with working out more and eating better I think that I will be more prepared for this winter season without having coughing fits every five minutes!

But I was curious if any other runners had experienced this increased tolerance to cold by running in it?

<3 Jordan

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