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I have been seeing a sports therapist the past couple weeks for my back, and I’m finally starting to feel back to normal. It hurts like heck when my therapist does the deep tissue stuff, but it seems to be helping. Then they give me exercises to do and tape me up with kt tape. The tingling is still there on and off but the pain is considerably less.

The past couple of weeks I have been taking it easy on my upper back to shed up the healing. I went to my box for a couple WODs but had to scale. On Tuesday, I asked my therapist about working out, and was told that I would be fine to WOD.

So for this black Friday morning, David and I got up to go to the 11:00am class at my Crossfit box.

Turns out, we were doing Fran today!

I have never done Fran before, and was a bit scared! Fran is a pretty tough workout (21-15-9 of thrusters and pull ups).

I did have to scale since I’m a bit weaker than before from the resting. The prescribed weight for the girls was 65 lbs, I did it at 55 lbs. And I can’t do unassisted pull ups yet so I used the purple band.

This workout kicked my butt! I finished in 10:26.

The time was better than I thought it’d be, considering its been a while since I’ve done a good WOD. I was mainly hoping just to get below fifteen minutes.

I hope to improve my Fran time a lot by the next time I do it, and to Rx! But for now, I’m glad that I can say that I have done Fran once!


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