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Having three cats means constantly having balls of fur everywhere. I will vacuum the stairs one day, and the very next day there will be what looks like a fourth cat on the steps.



No piece of clothing is left untouched by cat hair, and it is necessary to keep lint-rollers strewn about the house. I now have one that I keep in my car, because somehow there will be cat-hair in my car as well.

Daisy especially contributes to these fur-balls, since she is a long-hair. I have to brush her frequently to keep her fur from getting matted, and we also have to keep the fur around her back-end trimmed. Poor girl needed to have a bath last week because of that long fur. She was not too happy.

But even in all her fluffiness, she is adorable!


Daisy May

Ludo and Wally are much easier to deal with since they are short-hairs.  They don’t require too much brushing.  They still shed like crazy though.  We have learned to deal with the random balls of fur around the house, although we try to vacuum as much as we can.

Despite all this fur, none of our cats get hairballs very often.  Maybe once every 3 months or so we will have an incident.  Luckily there is no carpet in our house so it is easy to clean.

But even with all of the extra fur and the constant need for lint-rollers, we love our cats, “our babies,” and wouldn’t trade them for the world!



<3 Jordan

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