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I set a few goals for myself when I began CrossFit, milestones I wanted to accomplish. And three of them I have achieved!!

1. Pull-ups – this was the first thing I really wanted to achieve–unassisted kipping pull-ups. Getting the kipping motion was a little weird for me at first, but then I was able to do them with the resistance band. Then the thinner resistance band. Then, at the beginning of the year, I was at my boyfriend’s box and decided to see if I could do one unassisted..and I did it! I was so excited! So after that, every day or every other day after a WOD, I would do one every minute for 10 minutes. Eventually I got better and was able to string 2 together, then 3… right now I can string 5 in a row when I’m not too tired.
From here I want to work up to 10 in a row. I’m also working on trying to get strict pull-ups, I can do like half of one. Eventually I’d like to get butterflies, and then work up to my first bar muscle-up (It will probably be a while until I’m there)!

2. Consecutive Double-Under’s – These frustrated me to no end. I could do a progression of single-double-single-double, but two double-under’s in a row was next to impossible, it seemed. At times I could get two in a row, and once in a blue moon three, but most of the time when I practiced them I would get so frustrated and have to hang up the jump-rope and just walk away. Then one night after a WOD I asked the coach for another workout, and he had me do handstand-push-ups and double-under’s. I adjusted the rope to a smaller height, and during the workout something just clicked–and I was able to do 10 in a row! I think getting a good rhythm and wrist motion was what helped. After that, my boyfriend bought us Rogue speed-ropes and we practiced more often. Some days are better than others, and it can still be a hit-or-miss with me, but on a good day I have been able to do 30 in a row. My biggest problem with them is that they tire me out fairly quickly, and sometimes it takes me a while to catch my breath to start another round without whipping myself.
From here I want to work up to doing 50 in a row, and then a whole flight-simulator.

3. Deadlifts – Before I started CrossFit, my 1RM for deadlifts was 155lbs. The first time I worked on deadlifts at the box, I had moved up to 165lbs, which is about 1.25x my body-weight. From there, my first goal was to work up to deadlifting 1.5x my body-weight. Last night, I did just that! 195lbs baby! It may not seem like much, but it’s a milestone for me!
From here I want to work up to deadlifting 1.75x my body-weight (which would round up to 230lbs). Eventually I want to be able to deadlift 2x my body-weight.
It feels great to be making progress! I love seeing that I’m getting stronger and making changes. Also, my boyfriend was able to do his first muscle-up last week–and on the rings! I’m so proud of him. We have both been working really hard and seeing some decent gains. I’m finally filling out in my legs, and starting to see that shoulder cut I’ve always wanted! And eating healthy has become a lifestyle for us. We are both maybe about 80/20 paleo, but it’s more about eating clean and staying away from processed food and refined sugars.

I have other benchmark goals and milestones that I’d like to accomplish. I don’t really have a specific time-frame for most, the point is I’m actively working towards them while listening to my body and giving it what it needs. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and it can be hard work, but it’s worth it when you start to see progress! 🙂

<3 Jordan

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