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One of my problems with maintaining a healthy lifestyle is impatience. I have always been an impatient person, especially when it comes to seeing results. In the past, I was not realistic about my body image goals. I would have a goal in my mind that I wanted to reach, but when the mirror wasn’t showing results quick enough, I would resort to speeding things up the unhealthy way.

Years of doing this has screwed up my metabolism a lot, and it is taking my body quite some time to obtain a normal and stable metabolism. After years of eating barely anything along with binge/purge cycles, once I started to eat a healthy amount of food each day the weight piled on. My body was used to a diet of barely nothing, so when I started to eat normally I gained the weight, and rather quickly, and it all went straight to my stomach. I was very tempted to go back to the unhealthy lifestyle because the weight gain was awful. My arms and legs were fine, but my stomach started to stick way out and I obtained this beer gut that made me look pregnant. When I wore loose-fitting tops, to anyone else I looked to be a normal weight, even thin to some. But it was all in my stomach, and that’s easy to hide with baggy sweaters. This happens to a lot of anorexics when they begin to eat again, and some fall back into the habit due to the rapid tummy weight.

But I didn’t give up. It has taken some time, but my body has finally started to adjust to a healthy eating pattern.

I am also impatient when it comes to working out. I have a goal in my mind I want to acheive, and after not seeing any definition or tone in my muscles after only working out a couple weeks I would give up and just think that maybe my body type just can’t get to that image.

Well, a couple weekd is no time at all. I realized that my time-frame for wanting to see results was unrealistic.

I know I can acheive my fitness goals, I just have to keep at it. My kickboxing instructor always tells us not to let 48 hours go without exercising, and I agree. Rest and recovery days are important, but if I went more than two days without working out, it was too easy for me to fall back into the couch potato routine.

So, that brings me to my challenge. My boyfriend and I have decided to do a “Fat-to-Fit” challenge. Neither one of us is overweight, but we both have a goal that we want to reach that will require hard work and dedication. We are taking a before picture, and staying dedicated to a routine of eating healthy and working out, and in six months we will take another picture and compare them and see if we have reached our goal. I will be taking the first photo, the “before” this weekend, and I will create a “Fat-to-Fit” page and post results.

My current workout regimen is as follows:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Running, currently following the C25K program

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: Kickboxing Classes at Victory Martial Arts, along with some weight training

I intend to work hard and keep at it, and this blog will serve to help keep me accountable and motivated.

<3 Jordan

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