Happy Fall!

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I promise I haven’t stopped blogging! I have been in the midst of packing and moving the past couple of weeks so I haven’t had a lot of free time at home on the computer. I am all caught up now and should have more time to update 🙂

I am safely lifting heavy again and enjoying every minute of it. In the middle of September I joined a crossfit gym (I have always wanted to try it) and I have loved it so far! The workouts kick my butt, but I love being challenged in a workout…funny how I used to be the exact opposite, I HATED physical activity!

And on September 21st I had my 21st birthday! (my ninth 21st birthday that is…) I started out the day with a killer WOD, and had a lovely day with my beau at Six Flags and then Carrabba’s (my favorite) for dinner. For the first time in very many years, I didn’t go to bed on my birthday feeling extremely stuffed and miserable. I made fairly good choices throughout the day, considering it was my birthday, and ended the day feeling satisfied and proud of myself.

My birthday is also the first day of fall (or last day of summer, depending on what calendar you use…I grew up seeing “First day of fall” on my birthday on the calendar so that’s what I count it as). I love fall, it’s my favorite season, but it is also the season that I have usually packed on the extra pounds in the past. With all of the candy and treats in season, it’s easy to lose myself in all these treats. This is what I have to stare at on my desk every day:


I’m happy to say that I haven’t grabbed any handfuls, and don’t really have any desire to this year. After eating clean for so long I don’t really crave sweets anymore. But a while ago, by mid-week I would succumbed to my sweet tooth and snatched up a Twix bar.. which would lead to me devouring almost half of the bowl.

I still like to practice some of the ideas I blogged about in my entry Staying Fit through Fall.

Texas will be getting cooler weather fairly soon, so hiking will be in my agenda in the near future!


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