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Injured Again!


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Well, it seems once again, during week 6 of C25K fate is not on my side. 

Last night, during kickboxing class, we were working on right roundkicks during the warmup drill.  I was so focused in the moment, and in kicking the hell out of the bag, that I failed to notice that the guy on the opposite side of the bag to my right was kicking at the same time as me, nor did I think the height and distance of our kicks would interfere with each other. But alas, our feet collided in a very painful way.  So painful that I literally had to hop off the mat into a chair, and I had thought that I had done more than just severely bruise it.  So painful that I wanted to cry, but laughed instead. My foot started to turn purple very quickly, so one of the students rushed next door to Pei Wei to get me a bag of ice to place on it. 


After applying ice, the bruising went down significantly. but it still hurt quite a bit to walk on it, and I knew my training was going to have to be delayed again, which made me upset.



But, unlike last time I was injured, I won’t let this stop me from resuming my training as soon as possible.  I am determined to keep going, and as soon as my foot is healed I will be hitting the road again.  If I have to repeat a few days in the program then so be it, but I will not quit!


I’m hoping this heals fairly quickly.  But, for now, I’ll stick with arm and ab exercises that don’t involve my foot.


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