It’s been a while since I’ve updated..

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I haven’t been the best blogger lately, and I apologize to my followers for that!

Last week I had my one year Blogoversary for when I first started blogging about running over on

It was nice to read through my old posts and realize how much I accomplished that I never imagined I’d do. If I was able to make the transformation from runner-hater to runner-lover then I can make the transformation from average/skinny girl to girl with muscles!

I’m getting there, slowly but surely. Results take time, and the point is not to give up just because I don’t see them as quick as I’d like. It takes continuous hard work and dedication. And I intend to keep at it!

I’m still doing Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer and am enjoying it so far. This week is the last week of Phase 1 for me, and Then Phase 2 starts next week in which I can start doing cardio again.  I’m enjoying incorporating exercises I never thought to do before into my workouts, and exercises change every 2 weeks. I am starting to feel stronger, and I love it when I am able to move to a higher weight! I haven’t lost any weight and my weight has been consistent, but then I’m not looking for a change in the scale as much as the visible transformation. I wouldn’t mind the number going up actually, if it’d mean more muscles, especially in my legs. My legs have always been skinny-stick things with no shape, and my calves have never touched in the middle when I stand with my legs together. That could be genetics, and perhaps they never will, but I can certainly try to give my calves and thighs more shape.

I have seen a small difference in my biceps..yay! It’s not much, just a bitty bump, but definitely progress for just 3 weeks!


Still doing pretty well with paleo, although some days I might have something that isn’t completely 100% paleo.  I’ve been eating more and concentrating on filling up with protein first, and it’s still doing my body good. I have a lot more energy, less desire to snack continuously throughout the day, and no more 2:30 crashes.

Actually, through eating paleo, I found that my body doesn’t particularly like dairy.  I decided to opt for cheese on one of my dishes instead of asking them not to include it, and my body was not happy with me, and I definitely regretted it. I’m not too bummed about that though. Sometimes I miss ice cream, but I can do without milk and cheese. I did used to eat loads of cheese, but I don’t really miss it. And I never liked milk, and hated drinking it as a kid, it just didn’t seem to sit well in my stomach.  I enjoy my almond or coconut milk.

I hope everyone else has a fantastic week! Thanks for reading!

<3 Jordan

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