Life, Moving and a trip to Franklin’s Barbecue

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Sorry for my absence as of late. I’m still here, and still planning on posting new recipes very soon! Life has been busy. My fiance and I recently moved into our first home, which is very exciting, but moving is hard work! I didn’t think we had much stuff in our little one-bedroom apartment, but I thought the boxes would never end when it came to unpacking. It was tiring, but worth it. We are all in love with the house! The cats took a couple of days to adjust–they were terrified at first, but now they are running around like they own the place.

Unfortunately, my schedule now does not allow for as much free time during the week. Since I no longer live directly across the street from my gym, the morning workout is no longer an option, and I can’t make it to the one right after work on time. So I have to opt for the later workout, which means I don’t get home until almost 8pm sometimes.. and then I need to shower, eat dinner, prepare my gym-bag and lunchbox for the next day, and I have a small amount of free time before I need to get in bed at a reasonable hour. I am not a full-time blogger and I do have to work, so blog posts may not come quite as frequently. But I will try to keep it updated as much as I can!


Now let’s talk about one of my favorite things…


Ever since moving to Texas, Barbecue became my favorite thing to eat. Just thinking about a big plate of brisket, sausage and ribs makes my mouth water. I could eat BBQ for breakfast, BBQ for lunch, and BBQ for dinner and be happy (I don’t, of course). My parents came and visited this past week for my birthday, and while eating breakfast on a Thursday morning, we were speculating on how we all wanted to try Franklin’s at least once. If you haven’t heard of Franklin’s Barbecue in Austin, they are rated among the top ten BBQ joints in the country. People will arrive as early as 6:00 in the morning to wait in line until they open at 11:00am to be guaranteed barbecue. They are only open from 11:00am until they run out of barbecue. People from all over will wait in line for five hours to try their brisket.

If you look, you can find people to hire to wait in line and get your food for you. We were contemplating on hiring a line-waiter for Friday or Saturday, and my parents decided they wanted to drive by just to look at the line.

So after breakfast, we drove home to pick up our sunglasses (we left them at home), then I plugged Franklin’s into my GPS and we were off.

We arrived, and were driving past the building while my mom was trying to take a picture of the line. She told my dad to slow down so she could get a better picture, but someone was behind us so we ended up pulling into the parking lot—and what do you know, there was a parking spot right up front. We thought Well, since we’re here, we might as well get in line and just ask if there’s a chance that we would be able to get anything. So we got in the back of the line, and were told that we may not be able to get ribs or turkey, but are guaranteed brisket and sausage, and the wait was about two and a half hours. This was at about 11:30am. We had nothing else to do and really wanted to try it, so we stuck around.


Standing in line was not too bad at all. They had some chairs we could borrow, and one of the waitresses came around selling drinks. We talked to some of the people in line.. there were people from all over the country and further in line.

I think we were only in line for two hours before we reached the front. They were out of turkey, but we were able to order two pounds of brisket, a pound of sausage, a pound of ribs, and a pound of pulled pork–which was actually the very last of the pulled pork.


I couldn’t believe we got in line at 11:30am and were able to take home all this food! I was so excited for dinner.

And the verdict…


I would say it was completely worth it, and I would do it again. The brisket was without a doubt the best I have ever tasted. Everything tasted great, and was even still fantastic after reheating it the next two days. Just thinking about that brisket makes me want to go stand in line right now to get more.

It was a fun experience, and I would definitely recommend trying it out!

<3 Jordan

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