Lifting Again!

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After surgery, I wasn’t sure where to start when I went to the gym again–which program to try or what I should be doing. I thought about doing the LiveFit trainer again to help build myself up slowly, but I really wanted a little bit more.

Then I was browsing Living Social, and there was a good deal for a month of unlimited classes at a group personal training gym. So on a whim I bought it, I figured it would be a good thing to jump start me back into being active again for a month, then once my strength has built back up then I can follow whatever program or do whatever I want in the gym.

So I started going to classes 4-5 days a week. I really enjoy the classes. Every day is different. there are days that are mainly HIIT cardio days with some strength exercises with kettlebells thrown in, days that are more strength with either legs or push/pull exercises, and days that are power days–exercises like power-cleans, snatches, squats, deadlifts, etc….exercises I hadn’t really ever done before.

It feels really great to be lifting again! I missed the soreness!

I felt a little bit like a wimp when I started the class since I had to use the lightest barbell for my exercises. I did just come from a month of no lifting after having surgery, so it was probably a good thing to start out light. I do feel like I’m making some gains in strength…I started out deadlifting 53lbs for 10-15 reps, and now am up to 83.5lbs for 10-15 reps (not much, I know, but at least I’m improving!).

I started the classes two weeks ago, and already I can tell it’s paying off. I have gained the definition back that I had before, and I can see a little more shoulder and tricep. I have gained some of the muscles I lost in my legs back. And my muscles are adjusting, I don’t get quite as sore anymore. I’m usually pretty sore immediately after the workouts, and then it goes away in a few hours. I’m doing exercises I never really did before and lifting heavier. I think a combination of those two is why I’m seeing much better results than I had before.

I’m also watching what I eat more. I got a little lazy about nutrition over my recovery month, I wasn’t really monitoring what I put into my body very well. I need more vegetables, proteins and fats in my diet. Time to stop maxing out on carbohydrates, I’m not running a race anytime soon.

I have two more weeks until my Living Social deal runs out. I haven’t decided what to do after that as far as my workouts go. I’d like to lift heavy, but for now I am still a member of Planet Fitness, and they don’t have many heavy barbells, and no squat racks..only Smith machines. I’ve heard that New Rules of Lifting is a good program, for whenever I join a different gym. As far as my goals go, I really want to build up my strength, and I’d love to eventually be a power-lifter.  I wouldn’t mind even shooting for a fitness competition in the future if I ever get to a point to where I could.

There are tons of different workout programs and plans, but the trick will be finding one that works well for me. I’m open to suggestions!

<3 Jordan

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