Post-surgery and Mini Pumpkin Pies Video!

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I briefly mentioned last week that I would be having surgery on my left wrist to get a cyst removed.  Last Thursday my husband drove me down to the surgery center, and after an hour of waiting, I was rolled back to get prepped for surgery.  The surgery went well and the doctor said they were able to remove the cyst and also repair something that was torn (I don’t remember what) that he was pretty positive was the source of most of the pain I had been having.

I don’t remember much from the moments before the surgery except feeling hungry, but apparently the surgery only took around 30 minutes, and afterwards I was really excited to drink apple-juice.  David has a video of me post-op that I haven’t seen yet, but I might post it later 🙂 I felt fine for the most part post-surgery.  We went to get breakfast tacos because I was starving, picked up my meds and I attempted to sleep for the majority of the day.  I had prepped a crock-pot full of chili the night before since I knew I wouldn’t be able to use my left hand to cook.

The days following surgery were better than I expected, and I luckily haven’t experienced too much pain.  Although, it has been a bit of a struggle to perform my daily tasks.  I can’t get the dressing wet, so I have to wrap it in plastic and hold it outside of the shower, and I haven’t yet mastered styling and scrunching my curly hair one-handed, so my hair has mostly been a stringy mess for the past few days (and trying to tie a hair-tie one-handed is a bit challenging).  My thumb and fingers finally regained feeling yesterday after being numb for a couple of days, which brought a little bit of pain with it, but it hasn’t been anything too unbearable.  The biggest challenge is relying on one hand to do things I normally do two-handed, but I’m learning to adapt.  I am encouraged to wiggle my fingers but not grip or grasp anything.  I accidentally gripped something lightly the other day and it hurt pretty badly, so I learned my lesson.  For two weeks I have to wear the soft cast, and then I have a follow-up where the doctor will probably remove it and the stitches.

So Thanksgiving is this week and I always look forward to making some of my recipes to bring to the table. But since I just had surgery and can’t use my left hand to grip or grasp anything it’s a bit difficult to mix and cook.

paleo mini pumpkin pies

Luckily, I have my husband here to help me, and together we were able to make my Paleo Bite-sized Pumpkin Pies, and we filmed a video to show you how to make them. David has never begged before so this was a fun video to film. Watch below to see David first ever baking experience!

Having trouble viewing? Watch here:

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