November with Daisy

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November was a pretty busy month for Daisy-Mae, so our little princess is the subject for November recap.  If you haven’t met Daisy yet, it’s because she is very shy.  She is probably under the bed or under the couch when visitors come by.  She is very timid, but she’s also the sweetest little girl.  She is full of innocence and is a perfect angel.  Daisy-Mae loves to be cuddled (especially by daddy) and makes the cutest variety of noises.  She is also very polite and always answers when she is called.

Daisy Mae laying

Can you believe November is over already? Wow! Time has flown by this year! November was probably not Daisy’s favorite month this year.  My husband’s brother will be staying with us for a while, and that was a big adjustment for this little girl.  She is not the biggest fan of unfamiliar people–she will remain out of sight for a few days until she is used to the person being there constantly.  Luckily, it only took her a couple of days to adjust to him being there and she is out and about more often.

Daisy in red

On the 10th she had her yearly checkup and shots at the vet. This was very stressful for her.  Daisy is not a fan of traveling or being handled by strange people.  Poor thing gets so scared and starts shaking.  I have to drive very carefully and put on some soft, melodic music and keep quiet in order to keep her from crying hysterically in her carrier.  She tenses up when you attempt to take her out of the carrier at the doctor’s office, so it’s difficult to pull her out.  The vet tech put a nice, warmed blanket on the scale and she curled up on it for the most part with her head nuzzled in my hand.  It makes it easier on the vet this way because she mostly just sits still and lets him examine her, instead of squirming, trying to flee, or becoming aggressive (I doubt that there is an aggressive bone in her body). Her checkup went well, the doctor did say she is slightly overweight and needs to lose a couple of pounds so we need to limit the dry food and mainly feed her wet food.

Daisy at the vet


I had surgery on my wrist on the 16th to have a cyst removed.  Coming home to Daisy Mae snuggles was comforting.  This little girl loves to climb on your chest and nuzzle with you.  She will mew and ask for you to pet her.

Lounging Daisy


Thanksgiving came and went and David helped me make my Paleo Bite-sized Pumpkin Pies in my new YouTube video, since I am unable to use my left wrist.  During the next few days I decorated the house for Christmas and David worked on the wall in our bedroom and transforming it into a beautiful sitting area (where I will be filming my non-recipe videos).  Wallowitz seems to like it.

On the 29th I had my post-op doctor’s appointment for my wrist.  It turns out there was a bubble in my wrist which was a result of a torn capsule.  My wrap was taken off and I was given a brace and told not to use my left arm for a month, at which point I’ll have a follow-up to assess my condition.  The doctor said it will take longer to heal than if it were simply a cyst, and that it could take up to 12 weeks to fully heal.  My husband has been extremely helpful during this time and coming to my aid whenever I need him, even packing my lunch and cutting it into bite-sized pieces so I don’t hurt my wrist trying to cut it.  I am very thankful that I have him to help make life a little simpler.  He has been wonderful 🙂

November was a busy month, and Daisy-Mae is here to wave Good-bye to November and welcome December! Boy, this year has flown by, hasn’t it?


cute daisy

How was your November? Are you ready for December??  Daisy-Mae is!


I hope you all had a great month!


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