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Something to Think About

So true. I used to eat a load of junk food, and think that just by exercising a lot later in the day that it would “make up” for it.  But I never saw any […]

Injured Again!

Well, it seems once again, during week 6 of C25K fate is not on my side.  Last night, during kickboxing class, we were working on right roundkicks during the warmup drill.  I was so focused […]


I have been following the Couch-to-5K program for five weeks now (today will be W6D1) in effort to increase my fitness.  As far as 5K’s go, I will be participating in my first 5K’s in […]

Fat vs. Muscle

Here’s some motivation. Fat takes up more space than muscle! 5 lbs Fat vs. 5 lbs Muscle. Whenever I see the scale climb up a little even though I’ve been working out and eating clean […]


The weather has been much nicer recently, bearable at least.  Which means more opportunities to burn calories. There is a park a few blocks away from where I work with a walking track.  When the […]


One of my problems with maintaining a healthy lifestyle is impatience. I have always been an impatient person, especially when it comes to seeing results. In the past, I was not realistic about my body […] I stumbled across this website a couple nights ago.  There are some really great (and insane) workouts on here! They have daily workouts. I love this site!

What Recovery Means to Me

What does Recovery really mean? Just because I say I have recovered from an eating disorder does not mean I am perfect, I never slip, and I never get triggered.  Anyone who has had an […]