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Breakfast Pie!

  I have my parents to thank for this idea. This is a breakfast pie they made. It’s a shortbread crust, and the pie is Greek yogurt mixed with honey and assorted fruit—in this one […]

Vacationing Healthy

This coming week I will not be uploading too often because tomorrow I begin my vacation. Lobsterfest in Key West!! That being said, I was thinking about vacations and how we tend to overindulge ourselves […]


Fruits are important to incorporate into our diets.  They contain fiber, antioxidants, and are loaded with nutrients and vitamins beneficial to us.  They can also reduce the risk of obesity by filling you up, reducing the […]


One of my biggest mistakes in trying to get fit was not getting enough protein in my diet.  I would load up on salads and veggies, and I was losing fat but in all the […]


  Quick list of a few superfoods.  How many of these are in your daily diet?

What to Refrigerate

  I get confused sometimes on which fruits and veggies I should refrigerate, and which I shouldn’t.  I found this as good, quick reference.