Prime Day Deals on Products I Love

Not sure what to get on Prime Day? Here are deals on my personal favorite beauty and self-care products, home and kitchen devices, health and wellness supplements, fitness products, and pet products.

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It’s Prime Day today and tomorrow, everyone! Deals on all sorts of products, you might not know where to even start! In honor of Prime Day, I thought I would share deals on some of my personal favorite products for beauty, self-care, fitness, home and kitchen, and pets!

Beauty and Self Care Products

Home and Kitchen Devices

Health and Wellness products

Fitness Products

Pet Products

Beauty and Self Care

Dermalogica Cleansing Gel
I love this face-wash. It is gentle on my sensitive skin and is great for cleansing. I use it twice a day.

L’Oreal Collagen lotion
I bought a sample of this lotion a while ago to try and I fell in love. Now it is my daily lotion. It goes smoothly on my skin, works great to moisturize my dry areas and fill in the fine lines. I use it twice a day and it goes on nicely underneath my makeup.

Cooling Mask
This is a great cooling mask when I need to de-puff my face or just cool it off. I keep it in the freezer and pull it out when needed.

Dry Body Brush
Dry brushing is so great for your skin and lymphatic system. I like this brush because of the massaging nodules it has in it.

Dead Sea Mud Mask
I am obsessed with this mud mask! It helps control my breakouts and oil control and spreads smoothly on the face.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
My lips get dry and chapped a lot (some may be due to my horrible habit of chewing my lips). I like using this lip sleeping mask, it keeps my lips hydrated and helps repair them.

LED Light Therapy Face Mask
This LED mask has 7 different colored lights. I mainly use blue-light for inflammation and red-light for wrinkles. Plus, it’s a much more budget-friendly option than some alternatives, and I have found works great!

Renpho Eye Massager
This mask was a big help for my migraines and my dry eyes. It massages and heats your eyes and head and I love how it feels. You can choose between soft, strong or no pressure, heat or no heat, and it plays music as well. I choose not to listen to the music that comes with it, but you can pair it to your phone to listen to your own music.

Hair Dryer Brush
Ok so I don’t have long hair anymore (sniff sniff) but when I did and when it grows out I have this that I use. It works great to style and dry my hair at the same time and is much healthier than using a straightener!

Jade Roller/Gua Sha
Using a jade roller is so soothing and beneficial for your face, and as a bonus this one comes with a Gua Sha.

Home and Kitchen Devices

Apple Watch Series 8
I mentioned in My Favorite Swim Products that I LOVE swimming with the Apple Watch, and it was the main reason I switched from Android to Apple. It tracks my distance and strokes accurately. It has all the smart-watch features like detecting when I’m working out, making phone calls, etc. I think the most useful feature is getting my phone to ring when I’ve lost where I put it! 🙂 This is a pretty good deal!

Kindle PaperWhite
Although I’m building my library, I do love my kindle for reading e-books. It’s much easier on the eyes than reading on my phone or tablet. Plus I can read at the pool or in the tub since it’s waterproof!

Sony Full-frame mirror-less Camera
If you’re looking for a good mirrorless camera, this is the one my husband uses on all of our YouTube videos that he edits. Since it’s mirrorless it’s nice and light, and it records in 4K and 60p. It has served us well.

By far the best blender I have ever owned! It works so well so blend all sorts of stuff from drinks to soups, and is easy to clean.

Nespresso VirtuoPlus
My life changed when we got the Nespresso machine. The Keurig is now collecting dust in the corner. I love the espresso and crema it makes with each cup. I also love that the pods are not plastic (with the Keurig I felt like that’s all I could taste). They are also recyclable and they will provide you with a free recycle bag to put the pods in with a pre-printed UPS label.

Instant Pot
If you don’t have an Instant Pot yet, you should definitely jump on this Prime Day deal! I love my instant pot. Here are a few recipes I have made with it.

Levoit Air Purifier
I have 5 pets. That’s a lot of fur. I also have a slight dust and mold allergy. So I bought this air purifier for our bedroom to help me sleep better without waking up stuffy. I feel like it has made a great difference and am glad I got it. I will probably buy another one for my office or the living room.

Health and Wellness

Vital Proteins Collagen
If you’ve followed me for a while you may have seen me blog about collagen before, and even use it in recipes like my Post Workout Protein Balls. I love using collagen, it’s so beneficial for your skin, hair, and joints.

I don’t use many pre or post workout supplements anymore, but this is the ONLY supplement that I will take pre-workout now. My husband first bought some when he heard crossfit athlete Mat Fraser talking about it and saying “it makes me feel like I have a third lung.” Beta alanine is a non-essential beta-amino acid that improves muscle endurance and delays the onset of muscle fatigue. I like to take it on my swim days. It may make you feel a bit itchy though.

Squatty Potty
Yes, I am promoting the squatty potty. We have two of these in our house and I think it is great! It helps you to be more efficient when sitting upon your throne.

Wedge Pillow
This was a life-saver to me when I needed to sleep with my head elevated after my craniotomies. It made it much easier to do so. I still use it when I want to read in bed or when my sinuses are bothering me.

Neck Traction Device
I recently bought this little traction device to help with the cervical curve of my neck (which is horrible) and to hopefully help with my headaches. So far I am loving it and I can tell a slight difference from using it daily for a few weeks.

Fitness Products

Form Swim Goggles
If you are a swimmer I would recommend jumping on this deal! The Form Swim goggles have a heads-up-display in the right eye that will show you your swim details while you swim. I have loved swimming with them and it makes tracking my distance so much easier!

Arena Cobra Ultra-Swipe Goggles
Or if you’re looking for a regular pair of goggles that won’t leak or fog up on you, The Arena Cobra goggles are really great! I have loved them and they have not fogged up or leaked on me.

Manduka GRP Yoga Mat
This is the mat I use at home and I love this yoga mat. The grip is great and I don’t find myself slipping in downward-dog like I do on other mats. I wish I had waited until Prime day to get it!

Under Desk Treadmill
My husband bought this under-desk treadmill last year and it’s pretty nifty! It’s really helpful in getting some extra steps in throughout the day, and encourages me to move more during work.

Microfiber Towel
I have said before how much I LOVE this little towel! It is very absorbent and will dry quickly. I bought a Medium first and brought it to the pool with me and was worried when I saw how small it was (I didn’t really read the measurements), but it was all I needed to dry off my entire body after I showered. I now have 2, I use a large one for the pool and a medium one to wipe my arms and forehead when I get sweaty at hot yoga.


Zesty Paws Calming Bites
If you have an anxious puppy, or maybe a puppy that just won’t calm down at bedtime, these treats have worked great for us. We have used them to calm them down on road trips, before bed, and when they occasionally get upset about fireworks.

Aller-Immune Bites
Poor Loki has a lot of allergies, so I got these treats to try to help with them. I have noticed a bit of a difference when he eats them, although we do also have a treatment from the vet he takes

PetKit Litterbox
I cannot say enough great things about this litterbox! We do also have a Litter-Robot, but I love this automatic litterbox because it is pretty quiet, and it will also send you updates on your phone. It makes it easy to keep track or your cats’ health too because it will tell us which cat is using the litterbox, how long they used it for, and their current weight. It will alert you when it is full and needs to be changed but it is definitely a life-changer!

Embark Dog DNA Test
We used this DNA test for both of our dogs, and it was so much fun to find out what breeds they were! Loki is a supermutt!

PetLibro Water Fountain
We have two of these water fountains now. I saw these on TikTok from an account I follow and decided to get one to replace the ceramic fountain we had before, because it was starting to get rust on it. This fountain is the best! It’s so much easier to clean and encourages all my cats and dogs to drink more water.

PetKit automatic Feeder
This is the automatic feeder we use for our cats when we go out of town. We love it because it will send us notifications on our phones, and you can program how much you want it to dispense and at what times.

What prime day deals are you excited about? Did you see anything that you like?

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