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I have been following the Couch-to-5K program for five weeks now (today will be W6D1) in effort to increase my fitness.  As far as 5K’s go, I will be participating in my first 5K’s in December.  They aren’t straight 5K’s, they are obstacle runs.  On December 1st, I will be running with some co-workers in the Dirty Girl Mud Run, and on December 15th I will be running with my boyfriend in Run for Your Lives! which I’m super excited for.  So in preparing for these, I have been doing C25K again.  I had been following this program before when I was attempting to train for a half marathon (which I’d still like to do), but I didn’t make it to week 7 because I got injured, and running went on a hiatus for a while. Then another injury presented itself, and Texas heat became excrutiating, so it was quite some time before I returned to the road.  To keep in shape I continued to go to kickboxing at least twice a week, but I didn’t hurry myself back into running.

I have always loathed running, and couldn’t understand how people liked it.  Even when I got up to running 2 miles without stopping, it was still rough and I hated it.

A survey in Runner’s World asked 3,363 people how long it took to make running a habit.  The results were:

A few weeks – 28%
A few months – 36%
A year or more – 17%
It’s still not a habit, but I’d like it to be – 20%

I try to remind myself of this. It’s not going to happen overnight, but I do have to keep pushing myself, and not give up.

Last Friday was W5D3 for me, and I was a little nervous about it because it’s run 2 miles without stopping.  I had only ever been able to do that twice before in my life, and it was a feat for me. It had been quite some time since I had run that far.  But I had been following the C25K program every week before that, and my boyfriend was there to run with me and push me.

I surprised myself by not only being able to do it, but being able to do it with ease.  Breathing was very easy, and I found that it wasn’t my stamina that made me want to stop at all, like it had always been, but the soreness in my legs (we did a lot of legs in kickboxing that week!).

I was mostly surprised at how much improved my endurance was, and how easy breathing was.  I think this time around the C25K has been easier because I finally learned how to breathe from my diaphragm as opposed to my chest and it made quite a difference.

So, assuming all goes well with my training and there aren’t any hiccups, I should be on the last day of C25K by October 12th.  That gives me 7 weeks until the Mud Run, and 9 until the zombie run, which I think should be a good amount of time to perfect my 5K time and work more on speed and incorprate hills.  I’d really like to finish the zombie run as a survivor.

So I will keep training.

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  • Reply
    Urban Running Girl
    September 19, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    Oh I don’t know….getting a ‘dead’ medal sounds cool too! 🙂

    • Reply
      September 27, 2012 at 9:20 pm

      True! Haha I would like to cross the finish line alive, but I won’t be too sad if I’m listed as “zombie” instead. Either way it should be fun!

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