Wallowitz and his Tummy Troubles

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Well, if you couldn’t tell by my last entry when I talked about teleportation, I was in a car accident. Nothing serious, and no one was hurt in any way, but my car suffered. Having a sneezing attack during traffic caused me to hit my brakes a little too late and bump into the vehicle in front of me…which just so happened to be a truck. Go figure, there was absolutely no damage done to the truck, but my car took a beating.  It’s all cosmetic damage.   The grill and the hood of my car are all banged up, but the car is drivable and functions properly, and the hood stays closed.

That same day ended with my husband taking our little Wallowitz to the emergency vet.


This poor little guy had been throwing up a clear and white foamy liquid several times per day, and was a bit lethargic. This is not like him at all, and after reading a lot of different things on the internet, my husband decided to take action. We’d rather have a vet bill than a really sick kitty. So he left with Wally around 11pm en route to the emergency pet clinic.

Poor little kitty was poked all night. They took his blood and gave him an anti-nausea shot, and said that if he kept throwing up after the shot to take him to his vet to get an x-ray done, because there could be an obstruction in his stomach.

The next morning he threw up a couple more times, so David took him to our vet. He had an x-ray done, which showed nothing obstructing, and was given some medicine and a hydration shot, since all the vomiting made him dehydrated and weak.  The vet said that if it persisted they can bring him back in to do an ultrasound.

The vet had him come in again yesterday for another hydration shot, since as far as we could tell he hadn’t been drinking much, and was still vomiting.  The doctor also felt around his throat and stomach and couldn’t feel anything obstructing or any tenderness.

He was still throwing up, and we stopped giving him the Cerenia pill since it just stressed him out, and it didn’t seem to be working anyway.  This morning was different.  This time he actually threw up his food.  The vet called to check in on him this morning, and David filled him in.  The vet said that he’d like for him to go ahead and get the ultrasound done because it’s been too long for it to be gastritis, and he’d like to see if there is anything in there, so we can get him to surgery if need be, or hospitalize him to give him more fluids aggressively.

So David took him to the clinic to get his ultrasound.  The ultrasound did not find anything, and they now want to keep him overnight until Sunday to monitor him and give him fluids and other medicine.  We can visit him whenever we want, we just have to call first.  I know he will be okay, but I hate to think of him there by himself, in a strange place without anyone’s legs to sleep on.  He’s been through hell already this week, and now he’ll be spending time in a strange place sleeping in a kennel without his parents or his siblings, and not knowing what’s going on.

Let’s just say it hasn’t been the best week, and my nerves were already on edge.  I am sitting at work worrying over my little bunny, and someone says something pretty insensitive.  I know they probably didn’t mean anything mean by it, and in their mind it was funny, but it was not the right moment to make such a comment to me.  I wanted to say some very bad words to this individual.  Instead, I muttered “shut up” and put my headphones in and blasted my music to drown out the world around me.

Poor Wally.  This is the fourth trip he has taken to the vet, and he is not a fan of traveling.  All of this riding around and getting handled, poked and prodded has to be very stressful to him.  Cats can suffer from depression too, and I don’t want that for him.  Despite being mad at me for giving him his pill last night, he still cuddled with me in bed all night.  He hasn’t been cheap, but we’d much rather spend money on keeping him healthy than fixing a car that doesn’t need to be fixed right now.  He is part of our family, and family comes first.  We don’t have children, we have cats.  And our cats are our kids.

Daisy is also sick.  Ludo had an upper respiratory infection, or a “kitty cold,” for a few days.  Very sneezy with a watery eye.  He’s better, but now Daisy has it.  Her eye seems to be a little worse than Ludo’s was.  Her third eyelid is visible and it is leaking a lot.

Poor kitties.  It’s so hard with animals because they can’t tell you what’s wrong and how they are feeling, and you can tell them that everything you are doing is for the best and that everything will be okay, but they don’t understand.  You just feel helpless and wish you could do something for them.  I just wish we could get some clear answers as to what’s wrong with Wally so we can figure out how to help him and make him better.  I hope the meds and the fluids help him.

Hopefully I can update again soon with some good news!

<3 Jordan

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