At Home Teeth Whitening: Smile Brilliant Review + GIVEAWAY! (CLOSED)

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I love to smile. Smiling’s my favorite! 🙂

I’m a happy person who loves to smile.  But I knew my smile could use some work. I love to take pictures, but I don’t like smiling without showing my teeth. I feel like it makes my smile look fake and forced, and I feel weird trying to smile with my mouth closed. It doesn’t feel natural to me.

smiling with cat

But with my history of bulimia and my years of avid coffee drinking, my smile was definitely not as bright as I’d like it for it to be.  My teeth really needed some work.  I have tried using a charcoal toothpaste, which only improves my teeth temporarily and doesn’t actually get rid of stains, and I’ve also used whitening strips in the past, which were uncomfortable to wear in my opinion, and only ever seemed to cover my front four teeth. And it never seemed to be able to whiten the tops or the grooves of my teeth.  I thought about getting them whitened at the dentist, but that can be pretty costly.

So when I heard about Smile Brilliant, I was definitely interested.  Especially since they are custom fitted trays.  With the new year, I thought it would be nice to have a whiter smile.

Customized At-home Whitening with Smile Brilliant


With Smile Brilliant, you get custom-fitted trays that are molded perfectly to your teeth, which makes for a comfortable whitening experience that covers all of your teeth.  Not just the front four.  And it’s all done in the comfort of your own home.  It’s great for busy people that like to multitask, because you can wear the trays comfortably while you do other things.

How it works

Once you sign up with Smile Brilliant, they will send you an impression kit, which contains two trays and three sets of the base and catalyst paste.  There are detailed instructions inside the box, and your sets of whitening and desensitizing gel.

Step 1 – Make your impressions

holding impressions

The first thing you will do is make your impressions.  This is fairly easy to do, and they include an extra base and catalyst paste in case you need to redo one.  They will send you more if needed.  There is a detailed list of instructions on how to make your impressions included in your kit.  I had no problems with this process and found it to be very simple.  Once you have made your impression, place them in the envelope that they provide with the kit and send it off!

Smile Brilliant trays in case

Smile Brilliant whitening trays

About 7-10 days after you send your impressions, you will receive your custom whitening trays in the mail, and you’re ready to start whitening!  The trays are malleable and fit my teeth perfectly.  I was expecting it to feel a little awkward, but I was surprised at how comfortable they are to wear.  They were a little tight the first time I wore them, but they start to get more comfortable with each use, and most of the time I forget I have them in.

Then it’s time to whiten!

The whitening process is super easy.  You want to brush your teeth with water (no toothpaste) prior to whitening.   Then you’ll take the syringe with the whitening gel and squeeze a thin line along the front of the tray.

Putting whitening gel into Smile Brilliant trays

squeezing whitening gel into Smile Brilliant trays

Dry off your teeth as best as you can and then slip the trays on your teeth.  They say that each syringe contains about 3 applications, but I was able to get 4-5 out of each.  You can keep them in anywhere between 45 minutes to 3 hours.  I kept them on for an hour each night before bed.  That way I could wear them while I did my other evening activities, like cleaning, or meal prepping, reading, relaxing, or blogging.

sitting with laptop while whitening


If you have sensitive teeth, they also provide you with de-sensitizing gel to put on your teeth afterwards to avoid sensitivity.  After your whitening treatment, you will squeeze a thin line of the de-sensitizing gel into the trays and wear them for 15-20 minutes.

Smile Brilliant whitening gel and desensitizing gel

My Routine and Results

I used the whitening gel for an hour every night before bed for 7 days before the holidays.  I went to Florida for Christmas and actually took a syringe with me.  Once I had returned home I started to use them for two hours twice a week. I used the de-sensitizing gel for 15 minutes after each treatment, but I did go one night without it and I have not experienced any teeth sensitivity.  I did experience a little bit of gum sensitivity on the first two uses, but my gums were fairly sensitive to begin with.  After that I decreased the amount of whitneing gel I used in the trays to assure that it wouldn’t reach my gums.  My Smile Brilliant representative also informed me that I could rub some coconut oil or vaseline on my gums prior to putting the trays in to create a barrier.

Here are my results after an hour a day for 7 days:


Before using Smile Brilliant

After 7 days:

After 7 days of use with Smile Brilliant

I wasn’t expecting a drastic difference since my teeth are pretty stained and yellow, but I was impressed with my results after using it just 7 days. I felt like my teeth were starting to look a little more even in color and that some of the stains were lifting.  My husband kept telling me he was noticing a difference.  I was happy with what I was seeing.

After seven days, I started to decrease my whitening to twice a week, for about one and a half to two hours per session.  It was during the holidays, and although I did take my trays with me when I traveled, I was on vacation so I didn’t choose to whiten everyday.  After 15 applications, these were my results.

After 15 applications of smile brilliant


And just for comparison, here are the photos together:

before and after teeth whitening with smile brilliant

I can definitely tell there is a noticeable difference between the top and bottom photos and I am pretty happy with how my teeth are looking.  I really love this system.  I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I do.  The trays are comfortable and easy to wear and make it easy for a multitasker to whiten their smile while getting other things done.  And it definitely whitens, but doesn’t give your teeth an unnatural white (remember Ross from Friend’s and his whitening experience?). The only problems I had were the gum sensitivity, but after using less whitening gel and applying coconut oil to my gums I didn’t experience it again.  I have sensitive teeth but did not experience any sensitivity with this product.  I would recommend Smile Brilliant to anyone who is looking to whiten their smile comfortably at home!

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Good luck and #SmileFearlessly!

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Tooth Whitening Gel

 Watch my video review!

*This post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant.  Product was exchanged for honest feedback.  All opinions and content are 100% my own.

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