Sunday Rides: Brushy Creek Regional Trail

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Time for another Sunday bike ride! This week, we ere going to head to Austin and try one of the trails around Lady Bird Lake, but we decided that we would save that for a time when we got up earlier, since we figured it might be busier in the afternoon and it’s not as fun when there are so many people on the trail and you have to dodge around them constantly. So we headed back to the Brushy Creek Regional Trail, but decided to start a little earlier on Hairy Man road than at Brushy Creek Lake Park. We set off, and started cruising.

Brushy CreekWe took one of the little side trails through a park, and going up it was a little tiring. Coming down, was fun, although David took a little spill and we had to make sure he was okay before we started up again. He ended up with a few scrapes and a bruised hand, but was okay otherwise. So we continued on.

Brushy Creek Regional trail

There weren’t as many people on the trail as there were on labor day, so it was a lot more enjoyable and easier to ride. There were still a couple of inclines that had me huffing and puffing, but it is a nice trail.

Brushy Creek Greenbelt

I still think the Randy Morrow trail is my favorite so far. But this is always a nice trail to choose that is closeby.

Brushy Creek

We ended up doing a total of 11.56 miles. A nice, good Sunday cruise.

screenshot_20160911-152934I am starting to get a little more comfortable on the bike. I will probably always take turns and curves slowly though, since I don’t trust the steering very much and I can never see if there might be someone coming around the other side of the curve. But otherwise, I feel better and a little more confident. I still have a ways to go before I don’t feel like a beginner or feel comfortable riding on the street, but it’s coming!

There will be no Sunday ride next weekend because I have drill. I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

<3 Jordan

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