Sunday Rides: Katherine Fleischer Park

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I know I said there would be no Sunday ride this week, but I decided to join my husband for a later ride when I was released from drill.  I wasn’t going to, I was tired and feeling lazy, but that’s exactly why I decided to go.  I felt like I needed to do something besides go home and sit on my butt.  That’s what I’ll be doing Wednesday for my birthday anyway. 🙂
So we left the house at around 4pm and headed into Wells Branch.

Sunday rides

We started out at Mills Pond Recreation Area, which is a pretty little area with a trail around the pond.  This was a pretty little area with places where you can fish or picnic.

Mills Pond

Biking at Mills Pond

We rode the trail around Mills Pond, then connected with the trail that went through Katherine Fleischer Park.  The trail was mostly gravel, with some paved areas here and there.

Mills Pond Dock

The beginning part of this ride was great! It was mostly downhill, so it was fun and easy, exactly what I was looking forward to after a day a drill.  However, it started to go uphill a little ways through the trail, and I was having a pretty tough time.  It was a very lovely trail, but a bit deceptive, because I did not think in looking at it that it would be as hard as it was.

Katherine Fleischer ParkKatherine Fleischer Park

I also didn’t think about how much harder it would be coming back.  I must have looked funny going as slow as I was while huffing and puffing, because a man walking on the trail seemed to be laughing at me while I passed him.  I do not like riding uphill! I am still not used to cycling so the inclines were difficult for me.

Katherine Fleischer Park

It was still a nice little ride.  This wasn’t as long as our other rides, but that was fine with me since I was pretty tired.  We ended up completing 7 miles

Sunday ride

This is another trail that is close-by that I will return to.  I still think that the Randy Morrow Trail is my favorite to ride so far, but it’s nice to have some good options nearby!


I hope everyone has a great week!

<3 Jordan

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