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Sunday Rides: Pflugerville


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It is starting to feel like fall in Texas, and we have had a couple of really nice, cool days.  This Sunday felt great.  We left the house at 11am and it was 64 degrees at the time.  It did get warmer later, but it was perfect to me.

We decided to head into Pflugerville and try the trails there.  So we parked the car at Swenson Park and set off from there.


This trail ran through Pfennig Park, Kuemple Park, Pfluger Park, Gilleland Creek Park and Bohl’s Park.  It was shorter than the other ones we have been on, but you could easily make it a longer ride by taking all of the different paths and loops throughout the trail.


This trail ran along Gilleland Creek, and it was really beautiful.  A lot of wonderful scenery.  If I lived closer, I would probably try to walk it every day.





There were a few memorials in Pfluger Park dedicated to Pflugerville fallen warriors.  We stopped to look and pay tribute.


Each of these leaves were dedicated and had a name or message on them.



This was a really nice little trail.  Even though it was shorter, I liked this trail better than the Brushy Creek trail.  The scenery was nice, the trail was nice and wide, and it was a fun ride.  Randy Morrow is still in the lead because of the length and the varied terrain and inclines, but I think this trail has bumped Brushy Creek Trail down to third place and taken it’s place for second.





This will be a repeat trail I think.  Such a nice, leisurely ride.  And very pretty.  This would be a nice running trail as well.

I do have two new recipes coming your way sometime this week, so stay tuned for those! Have a wonderful week and stay healthy!

<3 Jordan

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