Sunday Rides: Randy Morrow Trail

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We didn’t have a Sunday Ride last weekend due to rain, but were able to ride this past Sunday.  The weather in Texas is starting to cool down slightly and feel like fall, and I intend to take advantage of the nicer weather and do more outdoor activities.

We were going to head to Austin to ride this weekend, but changed our minds when we realized that ACL was happening.  So we decided to stay out of Austin and avoid the crowds and traffic.  We returned to the Randy Morrow trail in Georgetown.

Randy Morrow Trail

I love this trail.  It is long, not very crowded, and has some really beautiful scenery.  It is equal parts challenging and relaxing.  There isn’t too much uphill riding for me, or too much decline.  And it felt fantastic outside!


Randy Morrow Trail

There were no incidents this time.  No one fell and we both enjoyed ourselves.

Rand Morrow

Randy Morrow


We went a little further this time than we did the last, and reached the end of the trail.  It ended up leading to a boat dock and a large lake.  We wouldn’t have even known it was there!

Lake at Randy Morrow trail

Boat Ramp


It was really pretty.  The water was a vibrant blue.  I kind of wished we had packed lunches for a picnic.

This is still my favorite trail so far.  It is really lovely. I bet in the spring it is gorgeous.  Since I did not post a Sunday ride entry last week, I’m flooding this entry with all the pretty pictures I took 🙂








And this big guy we saw:



We ended up doing 11.69 miles total.  It didn’t feel as long as it did the first time we rode it, it seemed like we got to the point where we turned around in less time.  Maybe we just stopped a lot more the last time.


This will probably be a regular trail for us.  It isn’t too far from us, and we both like better than the Brushy Creek trail.  There is also less people on the trail, so I don’t feel like I have to slow down and dodge around people all of the time.

Riding is getting a little easier for me.  I’m getting used to steering and finding my balance, and feeling more confident.  It is very relaxing.  That is, unless you are riding on a trail that is mostly an uphill incline! 

And I promise there will be more new recipes soon! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

<3 Jordan

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