Sunday Rides: Randy Morrow Trail

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It’s Sunday again, and we are keeping our tradition of Sunday rides.  This week we researched trails in the Austin area and decided on a trail.  Today we decided to head to Georgetown instead of Austin.  We filled up our Camelbaks, applied sunscreen, loaded the bikes on the car and headed to San Gabriel Park.

Loading up the bikes


We chose this park because we were mainly looking for trails that were 5+ miles.  San Gabriel park itself has a small trail, but it connects to the Randy Morrow trail, which runs 5.5 miles according to Trailink.  Once we arrived at the park we unloaded the bikes, I strapped on my helmet, and we started riding on the dirt trail.  We stopped at one of the obstacles and did a little crossfit:

Rope Climbs


and then we continued on, searching for where the park trail connected to the Randy Morrow trail.  After riding about a mile, we found the beginning of the trail.

Randy Morrow Trail


Once we started on the trail, I loved it immediately.  The trail was nice and wide (although later on it did narrow a bit in parts), and a lot of it was shaded.  We both enjoyed this trail more than the Brushy Creek Regional Trail.  There was a lot of greenery, and some really beautiful spots along the trail with wildlife, rushing creeks and little rivers.



We saw a lot of deer again!
We saw a lot of deer again!


We got to an area where the path was dirt and rocks, and it was really lovely.  I had to dismount at one point through this area because the hill was a little too steep for me.  There were also a few more inclines that had me working my legs a bit.  It sure was pretty though, and would make for a nice hike as well.

Dirt Trail



The path became paved again after that.  I glanced at the GPS and we had already ridden 5 miles, but we continued on instead of turning back.  I had to dismount again when we arrived at a VERY steep hill.  Just walking up the hill had me huffing and puffing and my legs burning, and once at the top I had to take a minute to catch my breath.


(you can’t really tell from the photo how steep it was, but it was incredibly steep)

After that. the trail was a slight incline for a while.  It wasn’t anything too bad, but it was a pretty good exercise.  Coming back down was fun, and I barely even had to pedal.  There was still more trail left when we finally decided to turn around.  I’m not sure how much though, we may have been close to the end.  But we cruised back to San Gabriel Park, stopping along the way to take some more pretty pictures.






I was famished when we finally got back to the car, so we stopped at Chipotle on the way home to eat some lunch.  Overall, we had a lot of fun on this trail and were glad we chose it.  We will definitely be returning to this trail frequently.  I’m starting to really enjoy biking.  It is a good exercise and can be strenuous at times, but at the same time it is very relaxing, and freeing.  I love it.  I love the feeling as you’re cruising through, like you’re flying.  I could do this everyday.  It’s a great stress-reliever!

I think for our next ride we will head to Austin and try the trails around Lady Bird Lake.  If you are in Austin and have any recommendations for a good biking trail, let me know! Now I can’t wait for the next ride.

Happy Labor Day, folks!

<3 Jordan

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