Vacationing Healthy

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This coming week I will not be uploading too often because tomorrow I begin my vacation. Lobsterfest in Key West!!

That being said, I was thinking about vacations and how we tend to overindulge ourselves during this time, and then we return home feeling like we have to work our vacation off.

Now I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. We are on vacation, we deserve to indulge and have some fun!

However, I found that when I would do this, it was much more difficult to get into a healthy routine once I returned to normal life. I always ended up gaining a few pounds, and my body was accustomed to the increase in calories and eating foods I don’t normally eat that much of, and not exercising.

Maybe for some people it is easier to get back into a normal, healthy lifestlye. But it never was for me.

So nowadays when I go on vacation, I try to remember these tips and stick to them to keep myself from overindulging and getting into bad habits again:

*Pace yourself. It’s okay to indulge in those foods you don’t normally eat, but don’t wolf down a whole plate before you can finish a sentence. Chew your food, and eat slowly. The slower you eat, the less amount of calories you will have consumed by the time you are full.

*Drink Water! Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get your required amount of water daily. Carry a water bottle around, and try to opt for water during meals. The more you sip water throughout your meals the less amount of food you’ll want to eat. Water will help you feel fuller, and stay hydrated and energetic.

*Exercise. This may be harder for some depending on the vacation, but try to find some time to do some exercising. I try to wake up earlier than others to get a run in, or some type of cardio or workout. If the hotel you’re staying in has a gym, that’s even better!

*Don’t skip meals. This will make you hungrier by the next mealtime and it could trigger overeating.

*Don’t make a habit of splurging. It’s okay to splurge for a meal, but try to balance it out the rest of the day with healthier choices.

*Go easy on dessert. I find it’s easier to make healthy choices if I don’t make ordering dessert a daily habit.

Of course, this is all easier said than done. But it’s up to us to make the right choices.

Have a great week folks!

<3 Jordan

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