Weekly HomeWOD

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Happy Monday you wonderful people! Are you ready to start a new week?  Are you ready for another Weekly HomeWOD? Today’s workout will work your cardio, quads, glutes, abs and lower back.

The HomeWOD videos (Home Workout Of the Day) are a series of high-intensity workouts that can be performed at home with little to no equipment.  Every so often, there might be equipment such as dumbbells or a jump-rope, but there will always be substitutions if you do not already have the equipment.  I designed these workouts for busy adults who may not be able to make it to the gym, or are traveling.  My goal is to provide you with workout options that can be performed almost anywhere.

Remember to warm up or stretch before jumping into the workout, and make sure you are listening to your body.  These workouts are designed to be somewhat challenging and you are meant to push yourself, but if any movement causes any abnormal pain or discomfort, stop.  Be safe, stay hydrated, go at your own pace, and have fun!


Today’s Workout:

12 Minute AMRAP
(as many rounds as possible)

10 Squat jumps

20 Russian twists

10 Lunges

10 Supermans


This workout was definitely a quad burner! 12 minutes starts to seem pretty long after a while! But this was a fun one.  I hope you all enjoy and have fun!

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