What does being “Fit” Mean to Me?

Being “fit” may have a different meaning to each individual, but fitness is a mindset. This article is about what being “fit” means to me.

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When I first started my website back in 2012, I contemplated for a long time on what I wanted to name it. I played around with a lot of different words, had a few in mind, then narrowed my choices down to what was available, and settled on Fit Happy Free.

Since then, those words have evolved to mean different things to me. There have been times, in my insecurity, that I worried about my physical appearance and if I was actually “fit.” Whether others would look at me and deem me worthy to take fitness advice from. But the reality is, my body has changed over the years, and as I am getting older and my metabolism and hormone levels change, I will have to accept and love these changes. Putting on weight does NOT mean you are not fit. I had to step back and really think about what the word “fit” really means to me.

When using “fit” as an adjective, Merriam Webster defines it as sound physically and mentally: Healthy. Cambridge Dictionary defines it as healthy and strong, especially as a result of exercise. Britannica is similar with physically healthy and strong.
Neither of these definitions mention anything about physical appearance, yet we have learned to associated the word with it since the mid-19th century. The definitions also don’t give any sort of reference for how strong one has to be to be considered fit.

There were times when I would start to doubt myself and compare myself to others, feeling like I was “unfit.” But being fit isn’t about being a specific size, or being the fastest, or being the strongest. Being fit can be unique to each individual. Fitness is a mindset, a lifestyle. To some individuals, I may not look like their definition of “fit,” but they don’t know that I can swim a mile, or that I can hold a plank for two minutes or more, or that I can do things I was unable to do years ago.

When I am ending a yoga session and in Savasana, I like to affirm to myself “I am fit, I am happy, I am free.” Below are some of the affirmations that resonate with me as to what being fit means to me.

What being “Fit” means to me

Jordan meditating

I am healthy.

I am stronger today than I was yesterday.

I am consistently working towards better physical and mental health.

I am actively seeking progress.

The small changes I make today will yield big changes in the future.

I have the strength to overcome whatever comes my way.

My body is amazing, it does everything it is supposed to do and it is strong and capable.

I am a work in progress. The progress may be slow, but it is still progress.
I am capable of more than I think.

My body is powerful.

Every day I am getting stronger.

So when I end a post or a session with “Be fit, be happy, be free,” those words are encompassing a few statements:

Be healthy and well, and stronger than yesterday.

Be in the present moment, be happy and thankful for what you have, and for what you have accomplished.

Be free… free from self-judgment, free from fear, free from insecurity, and free to be yourself…because you’re worth it and you deserve it.

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